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Take Your Band to College

Written by Cheryl Rafuse | Posted in: on June 27, 2012

You and your buddies formed a band. A few or maybe all of you go to college, so why not use the tools presented to you by the school?

How the Moog Became a Moogle

Written by Cheryl Rafuse | Posted in: on May 23, 2012

Bob Moog, also known as the grandfather of electronic music, was born May 23, 1934. He built the very first synthesizer, “The Moog.”

Interview w/ Cab 20 Manager Tom Callahan on VC Funding

Written by Cheryl Rafuse | Posted in: Biz on May 23, 2012

You may have heard of the reality show Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs present their ideas to a panel of investors, or 'sharks.' These 'sharks' decide whether the entrepreneurs' ideas are worth their investment. Tom Callahan, manager of southern Californian rock band Cab 20, saw this as an opportunity to explore an alternative way of funding the band's music.

How Long Before Sound is Bigger than Video Online?

Written by Cheryl Rafuse | Posted in: on May 08, 2012

Ever since "Video Killed the Radio Star" I think people have made the assumption that video was the prime medium for musicians to make an large impact. Personally I listen to music 24/7 and only watch videos if they come highly recommended, so that reasoning doesn't stand up to muster for me.

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