Found Around: ChatWithTheBand Breathes New Life Back Into Artist-Fan Video Conferencing

Written by Aidan Rush Posted in: Found Around on June 14, 2012

Ever think that your fans might be interested in listening to you practice? What about sitting in on a listening party over cyberspace, or maybe just getting to know you beyond your music? These things have been possible for some time with programs like Skype, Chatroulette, and more recently with Google Plus hangouts, but now there's a new platform in town that's designed just for bands called, well, ChatWithTheBand. Perhaps its most unique selling point is that fans can engage directly from their facebook pages. Learn more in Aarti's article below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


(HypebotChatWithTheBand: Band To Fan Video Chats On Facebook

Guest post by Aarti Kelapure of

Although journalists and bloggers continue to debate the utility, novelty, and ethicality of the new much-buzzed-about start-up Airtime, there’s no denying that live video chatting has secured a place in the pantheon of internet fads.

Airtime follows the lead of several existing video chat services: Skype, Chatroulette, Apple’s FaceTime, Google+ Hangouts, Tinychat, etc. While each of those services offers a slightly different experience (e.g. chatting with one person, multiple people, or a stranger chosen based on similar interests), they all provide an intimate and humanized communication environment for people separated by space.

ChatWithTheBand (beta) offers its own unique spin on this phenomenon by allowing musicians to host live video chats and real-time listening parties with fans. Think of it like an in-store appearance - but one where nobody has to know you’re not wearing pants (for that, see Chatroulette).

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