Found Around: Weekly Tips Round-Up 6/11 - 6/15

Written by Aidan Rush Posted in: Found Around on June 15, 2012

There's no way musicians in search of advice have the time to read through all the new, helpful content published online every day. We've pulled our four favorite articles from this week and posted them below so you don't have to find the best articles yourself! This week our contemporaries on the internet covered where to find legitimate entertainment law advice on Twitter, the evolution of music licensing in an artist's career, what musicians need to remember when freelancing, and how to maintain a consistent artist brand. 


Legal Advice For Musicians On Twitter

Legal advice is good. Free legal advice is really good. CD Baby sifted through the Twitterverse to find the most helpful copyright law tweeters for musicians to be aware of. (CD Baby)  

How To Keep The Music Licensing Ball Rolling  

Music licensing veteren Helen Austin gives insight on the necessary steps to license your music, from the creative writing stage to working with publishers. If you're hoping to get your music placed in TV, film, commercials, or games, take a read! (Passive Promotion)  

Straight Talk On Freelancing As A Musician

Guitarist Lance Seymour talks about his experience as a freelance musician, and how to stay afloat in the dog-eat-dog job market as an independent musician. From musicianship to acting professionally on the gig, remember that every gig is an audition for your next gig.  (Musician Wages Wages)  

Don't Dillute Your Artist Branding contributor Julia L Rogers lets loose on the fundamentals of maintaining a consistent artist brand. (Musician Coaching)

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