Six Crucial Music Business Tips

Most of us are painfully aware that becoming successful in the music industry can be a trying endeavor, but there is hope! With the right tools you can make better business decisions to further your career. In his Hypebot blog post, Hisham Dahud gives 6 quick tips that aim to help musicians think through their business decisions and become successful at everything from building a team to ordering the right merch.

What insights have you learned to improve the success of your music ventures? Feel free to add anything Hisham left out in the comments!


(Hypebot) 6 Critical Insights into Music Business Success

Credit: Hisham Dahud

Indie Ambassador E2G Hypebot Hisham DahudThis past Tuesday, San Francisco State University’s Music and Recording Industry Program held a professional’s panel consisting of prominent Bay Area music industry figures discussing strategies that artists could utilize to garner an audience and eventually sell directly to them.

Here are the highlights:

1. On Building a Team…

Damian “Domino” Siguenza of the renowned Hieroglyphics Crew stresses the importance of doing as much as you can on your own before seeking out any external help. “Initially, it might be just your friends and other people who believe in you,” he said. “Get the word out in the most cost effective and creative ways you can. Get as far as you can on your own, and only once you start gaining some momentum should you begin outsourcing.”

Josh Goldstein of Machete Vox Records mentions that in the early stages, you may have a lot less time to put into your music, but all the grunt work is certainly needed. There are plenty of people who may not be as talented as you, but put in several times the amount of work and will be heard while you won’t be.

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  1. This is a great article, I agree that you need to create you own buzz before you can think about getting signed.

    - Chris

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