Bad Rabbits Profile Part 2!

As you may have noticed in Part 1 of our TrueDIY Profile w/ Bad Rabbits, these guys have some great advice and a lot to talk about. Part two picks up where we left off, covering the band’s American Dream series, the importance of non-traditional venues, their spot on Warped Tour 2011, working with a super-producer and what excites them about the current industry. Check it out below!

Bad Rabbits Quick Tips, Pt. 2

  • If you have some down time in your home market, think about throwing themed events to connect with your fans and keep them engaged.  For instance, Bad Rabbits created their American Dream series that takes place in Boston every couple of months allowing them to hang with fans between DJ sets in a more personal setting.
  • Musicians haven’t always been as accessible to fans as they are today. Take as much time as you can to connect with whoever comes to your shows, whether you’re on the road or playing down the street from your rehearsal space. Bad Rabbits had a fan follow them around from city to city on a Greyhound bus because she loved the music and had the opportunity to connect with the band.
  • You have to be extra careful if you’re lucky enough to end up working with a super producer at a renowned studio. Make sure you don’t naively sign any rights away unnecessarily.
  • When partnering with companies and sponsors that aren’t traditionally immersed in the music industry (like clothing companies), understand that while you might get a nice chunk of change or free product, the company may not know how to effectively promote a band.
  • No matter who you’re affiliated with, at the end of the day it’s your band and it’s up to you to make the important decisions.
  • Self managing is definitely more work, but can be a better option for some artists, allowing you to make all of your own decisions. However, with this liberty comes some baggage. It’s important to learn from any and all mistakes. Getting burned personally will be better for you in the long run!
  • Play non-traditional venues like house parties outside of your hometown if you can. Doing so allows you direct access to fans, and a night that people will definitely remember. It might help network as well — Bad Rabbits met one of their current co-producers at a house party in Oakland!
  • There’s no template for what it takes to break a band anymore. Do you. Be original. Make friends. Get a business manager.
  • Aidan Rush and Joe Mahoney contributed to this article.

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