Chad Stokes Interview @ B.O.M.B. Fest!

The Bands:
State RadioDispatch

The Person:
Chad Stokes

Current Project:
Dispatch Tour

Sherborn, MA

Between DISPATCH and State Radio, Chad Stokes has made quite a name for himself over the past decade or so — and it’s not just thanks to his music alone. Aside from being an incredible songwriter, Chad is an activist, and most importantly, a people person. He’s used his position quite effectively to promote causes dear to his heart like education and the environment, and in the process has developed a massive following composed of like-minded fans. Believe it or not, Chad and his bandmates are actually legitimate friends with many of their fans because they’re so approachable and accessible. Check out our short interview with him below, and let us know if you’ve conducted or promoted any activism programs through your music in the comments!

Chad Stokes Quick Tips

  • If your band is outspoken on one issue in particular, find a way to make it connect with fans. For State Radio, one such issue is the environment. They’ve done cool activities like biking to the venue with their fans, touring in a veggie fuel bus, and making sure the venues they play are accessible via public transportation.
  • Fan accessibility is king these days. The guys in State Radio have become legitimate friends with so many people that started out as fans because they’re approachable and connected, even while on the road. The band often live blogs while on tour just so fans all around the world can be a part of it and continue strengthening their bond with the band and the music.
  • Other causes that aren’t necessarily related to music are great way to connect with fans as well. Currently, Chad and DISPATCH are working on a program called Amplifying Education that’s aimed at improving literacy and the public education system in America.
  • In a position to start your own label? Think about signing and releasing music by bands besides your own. It takes a lot of work, but any chance to promote other artists and possibly prevent them from breaking up  will earn you a gold star from the artists and their fans and maybe even do well financially for the label.

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