Session: The Organic Sound Project

The Organic Sound Project Indie Ambassador TV SessionThe Band:
The Organic Sound Project

The People: 
Dan, Dan, Mike, Bob, Tom

Current Project: 
Painted Pictures

Boston, MA

When put on the spot to define The Organic Sound Project‘s genre, IAtv host Ben Maitland-Lewis responded with “eclectic folk awesomeness.” While many a genre label and much affirmative sentiment has been applied to OSP’s music over the years, eclectic is one adjective that especially rings true with this Boston based quintet. From seamlessly blending pop, jam, blues and jazz sensibilities in song to bringing in visual media to enhance their fan interaction at shows, The Organic Sound Project does a great job of displaying what a band is capable of when they let their imaginations run wild.

Be sure to see what they have to say about today’s digital tools for musicians, the advantages of pay to play and their community in the interview below, and check out their grooving performances of “Three Steps” and “Gasoline” after the break!

Organic Sound Project Quick Tips

  • Don’t let the genre of music any producer has historically spent the most time on prevent you from working with him or her. The Organic Sound Project worked with a predominantly hip hop oriented producer for their latest EP, but the songs still came out sounding really good.
  • Band mates too busy with day jobs to practice and write new material as much as you’d like? Try sharing new song ideas via Soundcloud. The Organic Sound Project has been able to use this service to expedite the songwriting process when they’re too busy to meet and write in person.
  • There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to improving your band’s fan interaction, but creativity will always play a big part in doing so. OSP supplies fans with a giant canvas by the merch booth at their shows and allows fans to paint away to their heart’s desire. Afterwards, OSP uploads a picture of the canvas to facebook and have any contributors tag themselves, thus acting as a social media marketing technique as well. As a bonus, they now have several pieces of artwork hanging in their rehearsal space!
  • OSP realizes there can and should be more to a live performance than sound. In addition to canvas paintings at shows, they supply face paint at the merch booth for anyone to use, and handout glow sticks for free!
  • Don’t always think negatively of pay-to-play shows. OSP was given the opportunity to open for a big local band at a big Boston venue if they agreed to purchase 100 tickets up front. Not only did the band re-sell them all and make a profit in the end, but they’ve also been welcome back at the venue ever since.
  • Bassist quit the band? Figures. When looking for a replacement musician or even a new band member, don’t write off Craigslist. OSP found both their current bassist and drummer using the service.

“Gasoline” – The Organic Sound Project 
Recorded: August 29th, 2011 at Strewnshank Studios in Charlestown, MA
Video directed by: Joe Mahoney
Recording engineered & mixed by: Joe Mahoney
Video edited by: Joe Mahoney

“Three Steps” – The Organic Sound Project 
Recorded: August 29th, 2011 at Strewnshank Studios in Charlestown, MA
Video directed by: Joe Mahoney
Recording engineered & mixed by: Joe Mahoney
Video edited by: Joe Mahoney

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