Profile: Matt Halpern of Periphery & Bandhappy

Indie Ambassador TV Periphery Matt Halpern BandhappyThe Artist:
Matt Halpern

Current Projects:
Drummer of Periphery

Bethesda, MD

It seems like nearly every week a new service pops up that’s designed to benefit musicians’ livelihood, but it’s usually the same old story: “Pay us and we’ll give you some cool social media tools or music player widget.” Today, we’d like to introduce you to Bandhappy, an idea that’s a little more unique than the usual musician-oriented tools.

The brainchild of Periphery‘s Matt Halpern, Bandhappy is a service that facilitates musicians getting paid for teaching music lessons online. Better yet, thanks to Bandhappy’s built-in live video interfacing, these lessons can be taught in real time anywhere around the world so long as there’s an internet connection. This allows musicians (any musician can sign up to teach) to earn some extra money while their out on the road or back home in the studio.

Indie Ambassador TV Bandhappy Periphery Matt Halpern

For fans, this is a great opportunity to get lessons from your favorite musicians. How cool is that? The service hasn’t launched yet, but keep tabs on in the near future so you can be there when it does.  Strewnshank StudiosChris Thomas met up with Matt after a Periphery show in Worcester to talk about the service in more detail, check it out below!