Future of Music Policy Summit Wrap Up

Indie Ambassador FMC Policy Summit

The 11th annual Future of Music Policy Summit came to a close on Tuesday, wrapping up two more excellent days of discussion surrounding modern issues facing the music industry. You can read our in-depth reports of each day’s panels here and here, but the most important topics covered (in our opinion) included the artist-fan relationship, ticketing in the digital age, modern copyright, new frontiers in mobile music, getting cozy with blanket licenses, federal infrastructure pertaining to the arts, killer apps and conflicting law, local music scenes and community building, and data without limits.

At the end of the day, however, what made the strongest impression at this year’s summit wasn’t any one panelist or topic in particular, but rather the confirmation that there are several brilliant people advocating for policy they believe in regarding the music industry. Contrary to any doom and gloom statistics regurgitated by mass media, these two days and all the impassioned speakers present during them proved that the music industry is far from dead. Being there in person was a rejuvenating experience to say the least, and here’s to hoping that, with the help of these visionaries, policy makers, fans and many other parties, the music industry lives up to its potential sooner than later.

If you’re interested, take a look at some of the pictures we captured during the event in the Flickr gallery below.