Herra Terra’s Kickstarter Journal: Week 1

Our friends Herra Terra are about to head into the studio to work on their new record. Studio expenses can get quite hefty, especially when working with a producer, so they chose Kickstarter to help raise money and make it happen. We’re going to document the band’s trials in Kickstarter every Friday from today until the campaign’s deadline (12/5), in the hopes that their successes and failures will help educate any other band out there on the best practices available when executing a fan-funding campaign.

For week one, the band talked about why they chose Kickstarter over Pledge Music, and how they’ve been promoting the campaign so far. See what they had to say after the jump!

Indie Ambassador TV Herra Terra Kickstarter

Why Kickstarter and not Pledge Music? Why Now?

Both sites have their pros and cons.  One advantage of using Kickstarter is that they only take 5-10% of your earnings compared to Pledge‘s 15%.  I actually just stumbled upon the head to head comparison on Indie Ambassador’s blog.  I urge anyone interested in this sort of thing to go check it out; it takes a lot of the guess work out.

Working with a producer in this economy is nearly impossible for us without any form of outside help.  Our plan was to have our CD on the shelves by the Spring and tour down to SXSW to support it.  The deadline set to start recording was approaching, so we kind of just jumped right in.

How have you been promoting the project?

We’ve been sending out mass emails and hitting up all of the networking sites as much as we can.  We’re also going to have a couple of contests where fans can win things like tour edition vinyl and pre studio tracks from the new record.  One is a contest to see who can share our Kickstarter the most on Twitter and Facebook.  Another one will offer a prize to anyone who gets 5 people to make a donation.

Interested in helping out? Visit Herra Terra’s Kickstarter campaign page here!