Herra Terra’s Kickstarter Journal: Week 2

As we mentioned last week, we’ll be documenting Herra Terra‘s trials and tribulations with their Kickstarter campaign on Fridays in November. We hope that the lessons they learn will educate other musicians looking to execute fan-funding campaigns.

In this week’s Kickstarter Journal, the guys talk about how they came up with the different pledge amounts available to funders, and which rewards for those funding levels have been the most popular. How much would you have paid for a magic carpet ride?


Indie Ambassador Herra Terra Kickstarter Campaign


Did you have a process for devising all the different levels of funding?

We wanted to give our backers some more personable rewards other than the run of the mill band merch that’s offered. We thought it would be cool to actually hang with them; get to know each other on a more personal level. It’s all about having fun with it. So we added things like a pancake breakfast in bed, a trip to six flags, a dinner and a movie (sexy time), even a ride in our van to a gentleman’s club. We also have one where John will use his expertise and paint any room in your house for a fraction of the price. We thought about offering a “magic carpet ride” for $100 and carry that backer, on a carpet, to any destination in their town for an entire day… we didn’t want any casualties though so we steered clear of that mess.

What prizes have been the most popular so far? Do the most popular prizes have a common trait?

People usually go for the $25, $50 and $100 packages. All of those rewards include CDs or vinyl, plus some additional goodies for the higher priced options like stomp boxes from our pedal boards, limited edition posters and shades from Anarchy Eyewear. These packages work best because they’re priced reasonably and they all include what’s most important – the music.

Interested in helping out? Visit Herra Terra’s Kickstarter campaign page here!