A Little About Us

We are Indie Ambassador, the team behind Presskit.to - a small group of entrepreneurs with a diverse, collective background in music, business, technology, marketing, other miscellaneous magic, and being nerdy-cool (yeah, we made this a thing!) We celebrate successes (big, small, and astronomically epic) with high fives, South Park quotes, and desktop air guitar-ing.

We are passionate about what we do and we’re extremely excited to contribute to music and its future development.

Where we work

The Indie Ambassador team operates out of a converted factory building in Charlestown, Massachusetts that we refer to as Foundry24. We share our space with two awesome companies, Strewnshank and Pretty Instant. (Check them out!)

Foundry24 is where we build Presskit.to, shoot episodes for IAtv, and host concerts and events, all in an environment well-equipped to foster innovative ideas.

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